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By Jasmin Guleria

As you devout BN readers know, during the month of June I decided to finally shed my winter-to-spring excess baggage by using a personal trainer. During that time, I have been posting my progress on BN’s City-Pulse section. Well, the month has been over for a while and it’s time to give you my final numbers!

When I started with NYPT, I weighed 131 lbs., with a 29.7% body fat. 29.7% body fat. I remember hearing my body fat % and feeling absolutely shocked! A 29.7 percentage of body fat put me in the overweight category and although I felt that I could lose some weight, I never considered myself unhealthily overweight.

While working with Mike Shaw, my personal trainer and the founder of New York Personal Training, I learned that my body fat percentage was so high because I wasn’t eating enough. Mike put me on a diet that had me eating non-fat dairy products, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains every 3 hours. By eating so often, my body was satisfied and burned calories and fat instead of reaching for my muscles for fuel.

The training at NYPT will definitely have you sweating and your heart-pumping. NYPT trainers swear by circuit training and have created their very own blend of this form of working out which they call 30′ leanMAXX Circuit Training. Each workout was different, which kept my body guessing and kept me entertained and excited to train. One day I would be kickboxing for my cardio, dumbbell pressing for my chest, and lunging for my thighs, while the other day I was indoor rock climbing for my core then using kettlebells for my triceps! The workouts were intense and I can honestly say my own lackadaisical lifting efforts don’t compare to the drills Mike had me doing.

With my nutrition on track and working out 5 times a day for 30 minutes with Mike and then 30 minutes on my own, I lost a total of 10 pounds and a whopping 5.2% body fat! I was now at a healthier and leaner 24.5 percentage.

Located in the heart of Chelsea, with a variety of amenities, this spacious personal training gym could quite possibly be the key to helping you get into your best shape. September is the warning month before the holidays start arriving, why not start off right this time and be in shape for the holidays, rather than waiting for all the festivities to die down before taking the leap to a healthier sexier bod?

Because BN and the trainers at NYPT are so passionate about helping you reach your goals, they are offering 2 free personal training sessions for all BN readers! Just call or email NYPT and mention BeautyNews and you’ll have 2 sessions with some of the best trainers in the business absolutely free of charge. Here’s to a healthier pre-holiday season!

Originally published September 2008
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