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By Jasmin Guleria

In honor of Thanksgiving, I asked the writers and editors of Beauty News to share what health and fitness related goals they are thankful for reaching this year. The goals achieved were certainly inspiring! Whatever your goals, keep in mind that your body can persevere through a lot more than you would expect it to – give thanks for your body’s capabilities to be pushed towards stellar health and start working on your health goals pronto! Here’s a little motivation from your favorite BN writers:

I’m thankful beyond words that my children are healthy and that I’m able to play tag, ride bikes and hike through Central Park with them when the leaves are changing. ““ Metro Mama Editor, Bonnie Kim Taylor

I’m thankful that I found an online meal planner ( that’s encouraging me to eat healthier, cook more often, and spend less money on food. ““ Writer, Joyce Hughes

I’m thankful for the excellent health that my husband and I are so fortunate to have. And I’m thankful for all the family and friends in my life who are wonderfully loving and supportive, and encourage me to get to the gym. ““ Candice Sabatini, Editorial Director and Skin Care Editor

I’m thankful that my extremely health-conscious boyfriend introduced me to the wonderful world of GREENS – not the fake iceberg ones, the REAL ones! Eating greens like spinach and kale on a daily basis not only makes your diet much healthier – it’s also wonderfully satisfying and delicious – you’ll become addicted. ““Hair Care Editor, Kelly Hushin

I’m thankful for the lap pool at the Y. It keeps me fit and sane. ““ Writer, Yelena Moroz

I am thankful that I’ve added more fruits and vegetables to my daily intake and that I’ve stuck to drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day for the third year in a row! I am also thankful that I started taking multi-vitamins and drinking healthy green tea instead of sugary energy drinks to help fuel my extremely active lifestyle! ““ Beauty Editor, Amy Sciarretto

I’m thankful for my amazing S Factor class/instructor that gave me the “guns” I’ve always wanted, plus a new found swagger in my walk, born out of confidence in my movements. ““ Writer, Bryce Longton

I’m thankful for my 6th floor walk-up that I live on which equates to forced exercise. ““ Writer, Anne Jones

I’m thankful for having a much healthier body image than I’ve had in years. These days, instead of feeling self-conscious and frustrated about my flaws, I take pride in the parts of my body I love, including my curves and strong newly toned muscles! ““ Editorial Director and Health & Fitness Editor,
Jasmin Guleria

I’m thankful for being fortunate enough to work with an amazing group of women (and men) over the past 6 years of Beauty News. I consider you all to be like family, and wish each of you a wonderful holiday season. ““ EIC/Publisher, Kimberly McDonald

Originally published November 2008
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