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By Aaliyah Lovett


Angeleno moms wanting to bounce back into pre-pregnancy shape are running toward the Belly Bandit. Now, new moms won't need to experience extensive ab workouts or pay for private instruction in order to achieve their original form"¦.although we doubt it would hurt. After six weeks, Belly Bandit claims new moms will see a noticeable change in their mid-sections.

Belly Bandits

The Belly Bandit wrap works by compressing the abdominal area. The wrap helps to reduce uncomfortable swelling; It aids in decreasing bloating, and gives additional support to legs and back.

Other Belly Bandit perks include: Minimizing stretch marks, reducing mid-section discomfort, helping to lose inches faster, accelerating the healing process, providing support while breastfeeding, adding abdominal support and comfort after a C-Section and improving posture.

Belly Bandits Couture Model

Belly Bandit wraps are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The newest fabrication, the Bamboo Belly Bandit, is a great gift for the Green new mom. This new design is made of natural bamboo and is more durable than cotton. Combining the ancient tradition of post-delivery abdominal wrapping and fibers, the Bamboo Belly Bandit modernizes the wise, eco-friendly mom.

Renowned Beverly Hills OBGYN Dr. Jay Goldberg, recommends the Belly Bandit to his patients in the postpartum period. Diane Farr of Numb3rs and Rescue Me says: "I am really looking forward to using my Bamboo Belly Bandit. Not only will it help me get back to my pre-pregnancy size, but the fabric is so soft and eco-friendly!"

Other notable Bamboo Belly Bandits include Jessica Alba, who pays the band homage for the loss of her tummy, and Tori Spelling. A few BNLA writers, thou shalt remain nameless, have been seen trying these wraps on for size. Hey, with or without child, what have we got to lose...but inches?

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Originally published July 2008
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