Brooks Streetwise Apparel You Can Run With

New to the Brooks brand for 2014, PureProject is a line of running gear we can get in step with. We have to admit, initially, we were drawn to the clothing’s design, but when we took an entire outfit... 
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Get Healthy Hair With Nelson J

If the effects of perming, coloring or straightening your hair, is taking its toll on your once luscious mane, consider rectifying the damage with a healing shampoo and mask. Our most recent finds, Nelson... 

Our Guide to Body Polish Basics for Beautiful Skin

By now, the steadily warming weather should have pushed those long sleeved sweaters and wool overcoats to the back of the wardrobe and made way for lighter ensembles. And usually, this means showing a... 

How To Take Your Day Look Into Evening

Tips for a Seamless Day-To-Night Transformation Watch this video on YouTube Learn how to master your day-to-night look in this video from make-up magician Hayley Thompson.  
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Artist Tees with Attitude

When we caught a glimpse of the Valfré illustrative t-shirt designs, we knew we had to find out more. The images are sweet and sassy, yet bold and evocative, all at once. Designer and founder, Ilse Valfré,... 

Get that Gorgeous Glow With Merle Norman’s Liquid Shimmer

For days you want to add a little something extra to your look, we found a product that’s easy on the eyes, cheeks, and just about anywhere else you want to highlight on your face. Merle Norman’s Liquid... 
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Harvest Spirits: A Spring Bouquet for Toasting Mother Nature

Here’s a roundup of unique spirits to celebrate spring and the advent of summer on the horizon. This variety of fruit and other harvest-inspired spirits can elevate your parties, meals and celebrations... 

Best Bets: April 2014

My struggles with stubby, straight lashes have been well-documented here, so I get that not all mascaras are created equal. When a new product like Lash Sleeve mascara lands on my desk, I’m game.... 

Manicure: Emphasis on ‘Man’
Hammer & Nails helps pro athletes, celebrities and businessmen scrub up

Michael Elliot Hammer & Nails is the first nail salon for men. It recently opened in Los Angeles and is spreading like polish across the country. The focus on this company, owned by screenwriter... 

Casting Our Ballots on Oscar Worthy Hair

We know folks might be throwing their own votes into the ring on whether the cinematically breathtaking “Gravity” or the emotionally stirring “12 Years a Slave” might take the Oscar win for Best... 

Nail Designs Good Enough To Drink Up

We’ve rounded up four different nail looks using polishes available from Nailtini’s nail collection. Every month, Nailtini’s Lacquer Cabinet features a new “guest mixologist” to curate their... 

Super Itchy Dry Skin? Problem Solved.

Super itchy dry skin can be so severe in some that it affects daily life, be it lack of sleep, lack of confidence of appearance, constant itching, redness and discomfort. For most of us, it’s less severe,... 


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